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TLC International: Training for Foreign Caregivers is a Designated Learning Institution under the new International Student Program
(DLI # O19391275439)

Why study with TLC International: Training for Foreign Caregivers?

You’ll find that our caregiver training course provides a relaxed and friendly environment to make friends and study. There are many good reasons to train with us…

  1. TLC International is a small, private school offering only one program: training for international caregivers. It is designed for students who would like to qualify for a work permit which will permit them to work in Canada. The school is on the Designated List of Approved Schools for the Canada Immigration International Student Program meaning that Canadian Immigration Officers abroad are able to issue student visas for the purpose of studying at this school.
  2. This course will prepare you for all aspects of the role of a caregiver working in a private home in Canada. The classes are smaller (usually fewer than 28 students), and take into account individual needs and abilities, including ability with the English language.
  3. The Enriched Care Giving course, is a full-time, 6 month, government accredited, training program that prepares you to work in a Canadian family, either as a nanny caring for children, or as a caregiver to an elder or to a person with a severe or mild disability.
  4. You will be supported through all of the phases of living, working, and immigrating to Canada, including help with understanding employment contracts that protect both you and your future employer. For more information take a look at TLC’s other services.
  5. Students are assisted by a licensed Immigration Consultant on staff once every couple of months to help you meet all Canadian government regulations and requirements which greatly improves your chances of being successful. The immigration process is complicated and each year many caregivers from overseas are refused visas or are unable to obtain permanent residence simply because they do not fully understand the bureaucratic process. We do everything that we can to ensure that our graduates are successful.

See what TLC students have to say about their experiences of the school and training course instructors…Student Testimonials.

Course Instructers

Mauve LeFleur

Cooking Class – Ms. LeFleur has cooked in many areas of the globe and brings all of her expertise into the classroom of TLC-Edmonton.

Christine Aizen – Course Instructor – Ms. Aizen is a registered nurse and has embraced all aspects of Caregiving to bring to students from all over the world.

Barbara Phillips – Communications – Ms. Phillips runs courses throughout Alberta on communication. She has a 30 year background in law and is presently teaching her course at TLC for a few weeks every summer.


Hello my name is Velda Abram; I am the new owner/Director of TLC-Edmonton.

I’ve owned and operated my own pre-school, Senior Support Service company, and have many years of invaluable experience working with children, people with disabilities and senior’s. I have directed and trained in many versatile scenario’s including International Broadcasting, Publishing, Computer Engineering, and Public Speaking. All of these environments combined have expanded my cultural awareness, have allowed me to develop a capacity for clear communication and given me an ability to coach and demonstrate in public settings.

I really enjoy teaching and making the educational experience of TLC as light and fun as possible.

I have a Business Diploma from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and am very enthused to start classes in February 2016. Shirley Phippen’s developed curriculum will be maintained and the St. John’s Ambulance course will still be available as part of this curriculum. Further expansion and development of new programs in process.


Holds a BA in Psychology and has been teaching the Interview Skill Workshop since 2012. As a graduate of the school, she is aware of the multiple challenges that newcomers to Canada face in their search for employment. Tina coaches students one-on-one and in small groups, assisting them to gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed. Course material includes: resume and cover letter writing, job search techniques, knowledge about Canadian hiring practices and interview strategies, as well as interview role-plays.

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