Policies & Refunds

This course runs full-time for seven-months so that it can meet the requirements of a Designated Training Program for the Federal Government of Canada’s International Student Program. Classes are held Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. You are allowed to take a total maximum of seven days sick time throughout your seven months of training. If you miss more than seven days due to sickness or for any other reason, you will be required to make up this time so that you meet the requirements. How you make up this time has to be decided in consultation with your teacher.

Performance Assessment: Many methods of learning and teaching will be used in an attempt to make the material relevant, interesting, and enjoyable to all students. There will be class discussions, student presentations, lectures, videos, individual reading, written assignments, and hands-on practice. However, ultimately the kind of experience you have here for the next seven months will be up to you. Instead of relying on others for the quality of your learning experience, you can use your mind and your creativity to make your time here a rich and valuable experience for everyone. 

Fees and Payment Schedules: The tuition fee for the course is $5,500. There is an additional Letter of Acceptance fee of $300.00 that can be e transferred before you receive your “Letter of Acceptance”, once payment has been received the “Letter of Acceptance will be issued. Your supplies for your cooking classes are included. The tuition fee of $5500.00 can be paid in full on the first day that you start the course. (Note: You must speak with the Director in advance of paying your tuition, if you are not able to pay the full amount prior to starting classes.)

Refunds: If a student leaves the course due to unforeseen circumstances, a written notice must be given to the school director. Refunds will be given according to the following formula: (1) If a student contract is terminated after the vocational training begins, the licensee is entitled to the following amounts of tuition fees: 1. When 10% or less of the vocational training has been provided, the licensee is entitled to 25% of the tuition fee 2. When more than 10% but 50% or less of the vocational training has been provided, the licensee is entitled to 60% of the tuition fees 3. When more than 50% of the vocational training has been provided, the licensee is entitled to 100% of the tuition fees (2) If a licensee has received tuition fees in excess of the amount that the licensee is entitled to under subsection (1) the licensee must refund the excess amount.


Student Complaint Process:

  • If students have a complaint about any aspect of their training it is their responsibility to first communicate such concerns directly to the person involved, either verbally, in writing, or by phone, or in any manner the student finds comfortable and convenient.
  • If this fails to remedy the problem, the student is expected to and encouraged to communicate the concerin in an informal manner to the instructor and director of the school.
  • If this does not resolve the problem, the student must then document and submit the complaint in writing to Velda Abram.
  • Finally, if these steps do not result in a satisfactory resolution of the complaint, the student is encouraged to present the complaint to the appropriate staff at:

Alberta Advanced Education and Technology,

Private Vocational Branch

10th Floor, Commerce Place,

10155 102 Street NW

Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4L5

PH: 780-427-5609

Supplies and Study Material: You will need to provide the following for your own use: – 2 three-ring binders (one for modules and one for recipes) – your own pens and pencils – Library card, obtained through a local Edmonton library, for use of all library resources. – You will need proof of address to obtain your Library card, so a receipt for rent or a cell phone bill, utility bill, student permit that has come to your address, etc. will be needed. Textbooks and any other resource materials needed to complete this course will be provided for use in the classroom. [Note: Students are asked not to take this material off the premises without permission and it must be signed out.] As students proceed through the course, new materials will also be handed out [and then hole-punched and inserted into their binders.

Questions that will help you find out if you are eligible to study at this school:

1) Do you have education that is equivalent to a Canadian grade 12 educations?

2) Do you have a background in caregiving and a sincere desire to become a caregiver?

3) If you are not from a country where English is the official language, are you prepared to study and take an English skills test? (See details on page 2)

4) Are you aware of the costs involved with coming here to study (e.g. LOA fee, visa application fee, school tuition, travel expenses, living expenses while studying, etc.)?

5) Are you willing to do online research concerning all the details pertaining to your current situation, to find answers to questions about studying here? Canadian Immigration/Study Permit site is: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/study/index.asp

6) Are you aware that: statistics indicate that Canadian families prefer to hire females as inhome care providers; if you are male, it will be more difficult for you to get a TLC-Edmonton school study permit, because it is also more difficult for you to find work after graduation.

7) Also note: If you are applying from outside Canada, visa applications may take up to three months or longer to process, and there are no guarantees that you will receive your study permit.

How can I find a doctor who can provide the medical exam I need to come to Canada?

Only a panel physician authorized by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada can do the immigration medical exam. You can choose a panel physician anywhere in the world. You have to tell him or her where your application will be processed, so that the medical results can be sent to the right office. You will have to pay for the medical exam. The cost can differ from one doctor to another. See the list of panel physicians to find a doctor in your area. You cannot choose your family doctor if his or her name is not on this list.

The following is a list of Edmonton Doctors from the CIC Website: City: Edmonton

Name: Barbara H. Agopsowicz Address: Dominion Medical Centres LTD, 2383 – 111th Street, Alberta T6J 5E5 Telephone: 780-702-4990 Spoken Languages: English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian City: Edmonton

Name: Dante Scanga Address: Blatchford Field Medical Clinic, 11541 Kingsway Ave NW, Alberta T5G 3E8 Telephone: (780) 809-1495 Spoken Languages: English, Italian City: Edmonton

Name: Trisha SAVITSKY Address: Dominion Medical Centres LTD, 2383 111 Street, Alberta T6J 5E6 Telephone: 780-436-0020 Spoken Languages: English 9 City: Edmonton

Name: Anthony Salopek Address: Twinbrooks Medical clinic, 11033 — 9th Ave N. W., Alberta T6R 5R9 Telephone: 587 400 – 0546 Spoken Languages: Croatian, English City: Edmonton

Name: Kerry Pawluski Address: Blatchford Field Medical Clinic, 11541 Kingsway Ave NW, Alberta T5G 3E8 Telephone: 780-809-1495 Spoken Languages: English, French City: Edmonton

Name: Jordanka Angelova Address: Heritage Village Medicentre, 2041-111th Street, Alberta T6J 4V9 Telephone: 780-438-2306 Spoken Languages: Bulgarian, English, Macedonian, Portuguese, Spanish City: Edmonton

Name: Bina Kaliandasani Address: Heritage Village Medicentre, 2041-111th Street N.W., Alberta T6J 4V9 Telephone: 780-438-2306 Spoken Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu Appointments are usually being booked for two weeks to one month after you call although occasionally you may find an earlier appointment.

Your “medical” will cost $400.00. Keep the receipts from all your medical procedures. These will prove that you have done your medical and how long ago you did it when you apply for your work permit. It has been taking anywhere from six weeks to three months for the results of the medical to be imputed into the CIC computer system so it can be accessed by embassy officials. It must be in the system before you will be issued a work permit. Therefore, you should consider making the appointment for your medical at least three months before you hope to be applying for a work permit. The medical result is valid for one year from the date when it was done. It is may be possible to apply for an extension to your medical.