Obtaining A Work Permit

Awareness of what’s needed for preparation and success in obtaining a work permit.


Health Insurance: The Alberta Health Care Insurance Program is not usually available to students who have student visas of less than 12 month’s duration.

You are strongly encouraged to purchase adequate private health insurance either from an insurance company in your own country before you leave or from a private supplier in Canada

Some suppliers and their websites are:

1. TIC Travel Insurance: https://www.travelinsurance.ca

2. Manulife Travel Insurance for Visitor’s to Canada: http://www.16safety.ca/en/node/1534

3. The Co-operators: http://www.cooperators.ca/en/Insurance/travel/plans.aspx

4. Blue Cross: https://www.ab.bluecross.ca/travel/travel-visitors.html

Translation of your documents: You will need certain documents to present to the government immigration officials when applying for your work permit. These documents must be in English (or at least clearly understandable to an English speaking person). If your documents are in a language other than English, you will need to have them translated. Some documents are made to be understood regardless of the language spoken. Just use your common sense to determine whether an English speaking person is going to be able to clearly connect the meaning and validity of each of your documents. Documents that may need translating include:

• All documents relating to your education

• Any police clearances

• Birth Certificate

• Marriage Certificate

• Driver’s License

• Letters of Recommendation from past employers that relate to caregiving.

Translation services in Edmonton are provided by:

• Centralized Interpreter Service located at 9912-106 St., 448-2627, webpage: www.the-family-centre.com

• Members of the Association of Translators & Interpreters of Alberta: www.atia.ab.ca (Recommended translators for German translations (both charge 20 cents per word as opposed to the 50 cents that others charge):

• Karin Edwards, 7731-173 Street, Edmonton (780 487-2640)

• Regina Landeck, 11263-73 Avenue, Edmonton (780-433-9594), [email protected])

Police Clearances: You should be prepared to provide a police clearance from every country in which you have resided for longer than six months. It may not be necessary to provide a police clearance for Canada but, if you want to, or if you need fingerprints done for a police clearance from another country, you must go to the Information Check Section of the Edmonton Police at #108, 14315 – 118 Avenue.

You will then fill in the application form and pay $48.00. Sometimes you can get the police clearance immediately; sometimes you will need to wait for up to a week and have it mailed to you. If you need fingerprints they will do them the same day. Note: some people have had to redo their fingerprints causing long delays for them because their first fingerprints were not clear enough. Be sure the police take their time and employ methods like soaking your hands in hot water to enhance the markings so the fingerprints are clear. Using lots of lotion on your hands for the weeks before you go can help. Please be aware that when you apply for your police clearance in Edmonton, you will need your proof of address and your Letter of Acceptance on your person.

An Immigration Medical: Before you can obtain a work permit you must have undergone and passed a medical examination. To do so you must make an appointment to see one of the doctors on the CIC Canada List of Designated Medical Practitioners in Edmonton. It is suggested that you get your Health exam before you come into the country, so that you are permissible to volunteer with children, seniors and disabled people. If this health exam is not obtained, it is possible that your study permit will not authorize you to work in childcare, primary/secondary school teaching, or the health service field occupation. Please use this link if you have any questions on which doctors are accessible to obtain your medical exam in your own area. http://www.cic.gc.ca/pp-md/pp-list.aspx