Infant Services

Infant stages and development

The Four Principles of Baby Soothing
Bathing your Baby
Feeding your Baby
Burping your Baby
Potty Training
Your child’s Health
All about Medicines
Infectious Ilnesses
Ear Problems
Infant First Aide/AED
Body language of Babies
A Healthy Babies Cries
Our Facial and Body Expressions with Newborns
Birth to Six months Development
Six month to Eight month development
8 months to One Year Development
13 months to 14 months Development
Intellectual Development in Infants
Caregiving styles
Engaging your Baby in one-on-one communication
Baby Research Project and Presentation

This module will give you a great base to learn from. Babies can be quite
intimidating if you do not have infant experience. Babies are not that mysterious
once you learn their secrets.
This is a very fun module with lots of practicum, research, presentation, and
laughter. You will love it.

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