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How Can We Help?

We offer a government accredited, Canadian based, training course that: 

  • Provides you with the necessary training to excel in this field
  • Guarantees fun and creative learning techniques
  • Provides students with the ability to relate to others at every stage of their development
  • Increases the likelihood of getting a job
  • helps to qualify you to apply for a work permit.

Additionally, we help with:

  • Your initial entry into Canada, including assisting you with finding friendly accommodation
  • Improving your English language skills
  • Filling out forms
  • Immigration counselling
  • Preparing you to get your first work permit
  • We specialize in training caregivers and have prepared many people to work legally in Canada

Program Requirements

  • 2 Years full-time work experience with a valid work permit as a “home child care provider” or an “in-home caregiver for persons with high medical needs” under one of the occupations listed in the Canadian National Occupation Classifications (NOC) associated with providing care for children in their own home or a senior person with a disability in his or her home.
  • One year of post-secondary education either completed in Canada, or if done abroad, assessed according to Canadian Standards.
  • Proficiency in English proven by obtaining a Canadian Language benchmark 5 on an approved language test taken within the past two years.
  • Must be in good health

To qualify for a Canadian Caregiver work permit you will need:

  •  An employment contract with your employer
  • Local government approval (an LMIA)
  • Proof that you are qualified to do the job
  • Proof of completion of the upfront medical examination
  • Proof of ability to communicate in one of Canada’s official language

To qualify for a Canadian Citizenship you must have:

  •  Proof that you have resided in Canada for at least 3 years in the past four years
  • A passing mark on the Citizenship test proving that you have adequate knowledge of Canada and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship
  • Proven proficiency in one of Canada’s two official languages
  • Proof that you are not criminally inadmissable


Infant Care

Child Care

Disability Care

Senior Care

Caregiver Training in Edmonton, AB

Our Program Is Available Around The World

*6 Month Program*
TLC-International Training Center For Caregiving Inc has child care classes, senior care classes, and disability care classes in Edmonton, Alberta and all around the world. The professionals at TLC-International Training Center For Caregiving Inc care about our students. We enjoy training people to learn all they can about the job they have dreamed of. Whether you want to become a child care, senior care, or disability care professional, we are here to help. We offer enriched classes that will allow you to learn in the best possible environment.
Children are so amazing. They are fun, innocent, come up with the best jokes, and just have a great time living life. Working with them is so amazing. If this is something you have wanted to do, be sure to contact TLC-International Training Center For Caregiving Inc about our child care classes. We would be glad to get you enrolled.
Do you have a passion for helping seniors? If so, you are going to get so much out of our senior care classes. We will teach you everything about taking care of seniors, helping them to get the most out of their senior years, and help you connect with them better as well. Contact us about our senior care classes today.
Do you want to help those with disabilities? If so, you will get so much from our disability care classes. There is certainly a lot to learn about those with disabilities. There are many different types of disabilities and different ways to care for each client with a disability. However, when you learn from the best, right here at TLC-International Training Center For Caregiving Inc, you can learn what you need to know.
Contact TLC-International Training Center For Caregiving Inc to enroll in our child care classes, senior care classes, or disability care classes in Edmonton, AB and the surrounding areas. We will be happy to have you in any one of our classes.

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We have helped many Canadians find a much needed caregiver. If you’re considering hiring a caregiver under the Canadian Caregiver Program check out employer requirements and job listings. 

If you have any questions about our services  or the Canadian Caregiver Program that isn’t covered on this website you can post it on our questions and answers page or contact us

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